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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Future Talking about Mobile Phone as compared Past

The thinking about cell phone was so limited seem to wired phones. Thinking about it was so limited that can’t modify us nowadays mobile’s phones. In this new era the mobile is not restricted with narrow opinion for the mobile users.

Most of the spare of mobile phone has been spared, spared the using utilities both users & marketing. It helps us in the midst of sending text messages, assistance of digital personal, cameras – videos & TV broadcasting.

For the reason of its speed people use mobile to brows internet to laptop or desktop. Accessing to social sites, reading online newspaper & recording important talking all are possible for mobile.

How Much Facilities We Can Get In Future Throw Mobile Phones?

It can’t avoid the continuation of mobile phones nowadays someone cause of various advantage of it like sending sms-mms-mail, internet browsing, instant getting news from other etc. in the future, the advantages of mobile will be increased by adding more top menu, watching TV both internet & satellites cable, gaming & about credit cards facilities. So what we can get throw mobile let discuss.

Network facilities: it can be a latest new for the user of phones whenever mobile can bear moving data huge megabyte per second with Wi-Fi, DVB-H, WiMax, yes it will be come true after some few year later.

Handsets quality: In the future mobile phone able to contain glossy shaping, long life battery services, built in video controller & best regulated TV card.

Exciting Camera: about 8 to 16 mega pixels camera will be built in future to get original Images, Video quality.